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Fertilization, Weed and Pest Spraying

Our lawn fertilization and weed and pest spraying programs will keep your lawn looking healthy and clean all year long. 

Lawn Fertilization

We have custom fertilization plans to suit the individual needs of each lawn. Liquid and granular applications are avilable.

(Ask about our special granular slow release fertilizer!) 

The right fertilization plan will keep your lawn green and healthy. Fertilization provides the nutrients for a thick and thriving lawn. Consistent fertilization also helps quackgrass. 

Lawn Weed Control

We apply our weed solutions in the spring and fall. It controls the most commonly known lawn weeds, like thistles, dandelion, clovers, and more. Weed control combined with the right fertilization plan, proper mowing techniques, and watering will keep your lawn looking top notch and weed free. 

Lawn Grub Control

We do pre and post applications for grub control. Active grubs can appear in the spring and fall. Be proactive and safe and make sure to get your pre grub treatment to avoid the risk of allowing your lawn to become home to grubs. Once signs of grubs have been noticed the damage has been done. The post treatment does not bring the damaged lawn back to life but controls the actively feeding grubs.

Property Weed Control

Nothing makes a property look more outdated and unmaintained than weeds in concrete and pavement cracks. Monthly, weekly and bi-weekly application of post emergent can be applied to keep weeds from germinating. To be proactive a pre-emergent can be applied in the spring or early summer to keep the ground sterile and keep weeds from germinating. For best results we suggest a pre-emergent in the spring or early summer, regular weeding, and at least a monthly post emergent application.


If your weeds are getting out of control and you can't quite keep up with them, we suggest using applications of pre-emergent in the spring and early summer in your planter beds, rock beds, and concrete and pavement areas to keep the weeds from germinating and spreading. With the correct application, you can keep up with those pesty weeds. 

Dormant Oil

An application of dormant oil in the late winter and early spring prevents scale and mites. The oil is sprayed on all the branches of trees and shrubs and penetrates into the surface of an insect's outer shell and suffocates it by not allowing oxygen to get through. This also helps with insect eggs. 

Tree, Shrub & Foundation

We have a custom tree and shrub pest control program. We suggest monthly application of our solution from June until September. This will control many varieties of spiders, insects, and common plant diseases. 

Deep Root Fertilizer

This is a wise investment for trees and shrubs. It helps them look better and live longer with a healthier life and provides the soil with the correct nutrients in order for the tree or shub to stay healthy. Application is done in the spring or fall. 

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